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The eye of the soul

They could be anyone's eyes, but if you are in their reflection ... they become unique eyes ...
his eyes.

Combining my passion for photography with the world of dogs has always made me feel at peace and satisfied, I have always sought the "secret" of this sensation, it was right under my eyes ... their eyes, a magic, a world to be discovered… seeing my image inside them was a revelation, they with such a pure and innocent soul kept the biggest secret… happiness. This is how this project was born, to search ourselves in them, to understand the essence of living the present moment in all its fullness and harmony. The contact with nature will make my photographic services unique, an experience that you will always remember, your dog will be the star of the day, he can play and be happy with us!
I will continue to study and look for the perfect shot in their eyes, this is just the beginning. 

Dogs in Ferrara

Some shots taken during the shootings in the city center of Ferrara and in its splendid under-wall,  I will make you discover the city under new eyes with slow rhythms completely dedicated to your four-legged friend, appreciating every detail that this city offers you. It will be a unique and unrepeatable experience, your dog will be the star of the afternoon we will spend together, his well-being and tranquility is my priority.

Urban Dogs 

Dogs in the mountains

This is a project born from my great desire to travel, discover new places; What better way to share it with my dog love? Here is how I will introduce you to the mountain in its total beauty and power. Once again dogs, in addition to teaching us to love, teach us how to live and respect nature.